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The Alex Gleason Book – Is the Bible From Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe.

Is the Bible From Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe? is a nineteenth century two-part investigation by Alexander Gleason exploring the geography and chronology of Earth. Gleason’s main line of inquiry focuses on the question “Does modern science and the Bible agree?”

The book also contains a classification of all eclipses since the Biblical creation date.

Originally published in 1890, the book was revised and enlarged with a second section in 1893.

The final release came one year after the publication of Gleason’s famous 1892 map illustrating a map of the world contained within an Antarctic ice ring.

In this post, we examine the contents of the book, and offer a free PDF download of the final version.

Alexander Gleason
Gleason map 1892
1892 Map

To that class of citizens who are known as “Honest Skeptics, and lovers of “demonstrated truth,” is this revised volume dedicated by the Author. We assign no man to oblivion because of a difference of opinion. Let God and His Works be true, though they prove all men false.

The book includes a detailed examination of solar and lunar cycles, Biblical scripture, dating of major events, and a cursory look at other possibilities relating to the realm we inhabit.


Is the Bible from Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe? (Part 1)

The book includes a detailed examination of solar and lunar cycles, Biblical scripture, dating of major events, and a cursory look at other possibilities relating to the realm we inhabit.

Chapter 1

Tradition Against Truth and Reform.
History: Its Moral and Philosophical Relations.
Rules of Interpretation of Scripture.
A Bible Reading. A Prophetic Bible Reading on Daniel and Revelation.
First Written and First Printed Document.

Chapter 2

Infidels and the Bible.
Thomas Paine.
Rev. L. A. Lambert and R. G. Ingersoll.
Captive Maidens, Murder of the Canaanites, etc

Chapter 3

Geology of the Bible. Geology and Astronomy.
Creation of the World, etc., According to Popular Scientists. (See also Chapter VI).
The Mosaical Record of Creation Contrasted with the Popular Views.
How was the World Framed?
Out of What was it Made?
Purpose of Creation.
Other Worlds than This?
Do the Scriptures Teach that the Earth is a Globe ?
Do the Scriptures Teach that the Earth and Seas Constitute the Earth?
Does the Earth Move or Rotate?
Of Importance to the Religious World. Does the Sun Move?
Joshua and Dr. Adam Clark, John Wesley

Chapter 4

General Summary of Conclusions, Inevitable from Evidences Produced in Previous Chapters.
The Stars.
Sun, Moon and Stars as Lights. (Further set forth in Chapter VI by Dimbleby, Chronology.)
Glory of the Heavenly Bodies.
Up and Down—Do they Exist Other than Relative Terms

Chapter 5

The Ancients; their History. Early Astronomers, Sages of the Present System.
Measuring the Stars.
Exploring Expedition by Capt. Wilkes.
Arctic and Antarctic Icebergs.
Tycho (Tyge) Brahe’s System of Astronomy.
Galilei Galileo.
Abjuration of Galileo.
Sir Isaac Newton.
Newton’s Insanity; forgets his meals, tries to demonstrate the motions of the Earth, but fails. Derangement of his Intellect;
Fall of the Apple.

Chapter 6

ALL Past Time, by the British Chronological and Astronomical Association.
Objects and Work of the Association
Accuracy First, Arguments Afterwards.
First Line of Time.
Historical Dates and Periods.
Interesting Events.
Christian Era.
All Past Years from Creation.
Important Suggestions to all Nations.
Dates of the Sabbath Days during the Deluge.
Flood Period Concluded.
Antediluvian Solar Cycle showing the Dates of all Sabbath Days.
How any Man can Prove the Date of the Flood.
The Lunar Cycle.
Second Line of Astronomical Time.
Astronomical Method of Proving the Year of the Flood
Ancient Hebrew Solar Cycle.
How to Find the Years.
How the Solar Cycle is Proved.;
Self-same Days

Chapter 7

The Death of Abel at the End of Intercalary Days of Year 125.
Remarks Concerning Years.
How to Find any Year on the Solar Cycle.
Sun Stands Still.
The Sabbath Days not of Hebrew Origin

Chapter 8

The Literal Week.
Long Lives of the Patriarchs.
The Eden Above vs. Below

Chapter 9

March of the Children of Israel from Egypt.
The Deluge, 120 Years to the Flood in 1656.
Result of Recent Discoveries.
The Sojourn.
The Crucifixion.
The Captivity.
Cleansing of the Sanctuary.
Daniel’s Vision according to Lunar Cycles.
An Interesting Event, in Daniel 10:2.
Prophetic Periods are Cycles.
Interpretation of the Word a Vital Point

Chapter 10

The Seventy Weeks and Twenty-three Hundred Days by Prof. Dimbleby and by Prof. U. Smit

Chapter 11

Day of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ.
Argument from the Types.
A Great Error of the English New Testament Corrected.
Another Mistranslation

Chapter 12

“Vox Dei” or Eclipse Line of Time. (Psalm 19: 16.)
Eclipse of the Sun.
A Solar Cycle.
Eclipses from Creation to the Present by Lines.
A Common Team of Eclipses (70) Occuring Every Eighteen Years.
How Eclipses Prove any Period of History.
Prof. Morrison’s Letter.
Practical Use of Eclipses in Proving History.
The Crash of Matter and the Wreck of Worlds.
A Gauge Proving All Past Time.
Chronology Authenticated by the British Chronological Association.
Sun Dial of Ahaz.—Seventh Day vs. the First.
Bible vs. History, Encyclopaedias, etc

Is the Bible from Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe? (Part 2)

Chapter 13

Demonstrated Evidence that the Earth is not a Globe.
Webster on Straight, Curvature, etc.
Encyclopaedia Brittanica on Same.
Table of Curvature or Divergence.
Tests on Lake Erie, Erie Canal and other places, by the Author.
Suez Canal 100 Miles Level.
A Book of British Standing Orders.
Mr. Lockyer’s Illustrations.
Limit of Vision and Horizon Considered.
The Apparent Concavity of the Earth as Seen from a Balloon.
Sunrise and Sunset.
Horizon Line by Dr. Hobotham.
The Sun’s Motion Concentric with the Polar Center.
Noonday Sun.—A Midnight Polar Sun

Chapter 14

The Sun’s Altitude.
What is the Truth?
The Sun’s Distance, etc., by Prof. Swift.
The Sun’s Distance, etc., vs. the Author.
A Scale of the Solar System

Chapter 15

Extent and Form of the Sun’s Rays.—Day’s Length vs. North and South.
Prof. J. Morrison, Almanac’ Office, Naval Department, Washington, D. C.
The French Antarctic Expedition.
The English Antarctic Expedition.
Third Expedition.
Antarctic Exploration

Chapter 16

Eccentricity of the Sun’s Path.
The Solar System, or Relative Size of the Planets as Compared with our Sun.
Consistency of Distance, Magnitude, etc.
The North Star or Polaris

Chapter 17

Circumnavigation, Illustrated.
Gaining or Losing Time on Circumnavigating the Earth.
Declination of Polar Star and other Objects.
Refraction of the Atmosphere.
Distance and Dip of Horizon from Different Navigable Heights Above the Surface of the Sea.
Scale of English Miles Corresponding to Nautical or Geographical Miles.
Scale of Minutes and Degrees of Longitude Corresponding to English Miles, Nautical Time, and Sun Time.
Longitude and Time, Comparison of.
A New Map of the World As It Is.
Pythagoras’ System of the Universe

Chapter 18

Perspective Laws and. Vanishing Points.
Jupiter’s Moons, etc. Transits and Eclipses vs. Orbit of the Earth.
The Rivers Nile, Amazon and the Mississippi

Chapter 19

Degrees of Longitude South vs. North of Equator.
A Challenge Considered.
Authentic Records.
Log Book Record.
Northern Steamships vs. Southern.
Thales vs. Dark Ages

Chapter 20

Closing Considerations.
A Peculiar People.
A “Thus Saith the Lord.”
Truth and the Glory of God Inseparable
Points from Popular Authors, Selected by B. E. L. J. Lovell, Vadis, W. Va.
How the Continents Attract Seas
A Convenient Diagram

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