About Flat Earth Prints

Do you love maps? At Flat Earth Prints we certainly do,and we set up our business to service clients who wish to have quality high definition map images to hang in their homes, and places of work.

Old Maps tell a compelling story of their own. It’s a lesson in history and geography rolled into one. Our planetary realm has year upon year of history, and many of the tales are brought to life visually by a simple map.

Ancient maps show us how empires grow and fall, how landscapes and borders change, and lend us a telling insight into history, culture and the signs of the times.

Map merchandise is also a great conversation starter – as they hold many stories of the past that are still compelling in the modern day. History often repeats itself!

Please feel free to browse our products and let us know if we can help assist you in any way.

We are based on the Gold Coast in Australia – the land of milk and honey, but service clients all around the world. Our products are posted out from our fulfillment partner in the United States.